Future Vision

The site-wide remedy provides long-term protection to human health and the environment and returns the property to productive use.

East-Side Ecological Enhancements

The East Side Corrective Measures and habitat restoration are complete. Over 60 acres of tidal marshes, fresh water wetlands and upland meadows have been restored. An interpretive trail system, totaling nearly two miles in length, has been created along the banks of the Quinnipiac River. Restricted public access to the trail by appointment is expected in 2020.

West-Side Development

The West Side Corrective Measures are also complete. Approximately 17 acres of land on the western side has been made available for future commercial or light industrial use. The Connecticut Department of Transportation has expressed interest in locating a passenger rail station on a portion of the western side. Redevelopment opportunities compatible with the site-wide remedy continue to be evaluated.

Developers, end-users, and others interested in working with Pharmacia & Upjohn to identify and implement a suitable future use are encouraged to complete the Contact Us form or call 888-507-5737.